Very often evil defendants, while agreeing to settle the case, want you to sign a confidentiality provision. Such clauses should never be agreed to, both because they impair the ability of other consumers to vindicate their rights and because such agreements can result in harsh consequences to you if the defendant perceives that the terms are not met. Moreover, by signing confidentiality provisions, you would suffer some or all of the following bad consequences: (1) you will have a life-long obligation of silence, and if, years from now, you say something to a neighbor, you might get sued; (2) you will give up your constitutional right of free speech, which has been paid for by blood of Americans since 1776; (3) you may incur additional tax liabilities; (4) any breach of a confidentiality provision may jeopardize your attorney's attorney fees already paid under the settlement agreement, and you may be responsible for that amount. Do not agree to life-long secrecy, becauseó

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Examples of Shame:

Chicago Lemon Law Case

No, Oak Lawn Mazda, you don't get to keep your fraud secret.

Chicago Lemon Law Case

No, Ford, you can't have it either, and you will have it posted all over the Internet.

Chicago Lemon Law Case

Gotcha! Unethical!

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